United for the health and dignity of people who use drugs.

Many roads lead to recovery

Save Lives Oregon is a movement for organizations on the front lines of harm reduction in Oregon and tribal communities.

We believe people who use drugs deserve access to programs that support their health and dignity. We know we must do more to assist them to prevent overdose and reduce harm — especially for people impacted by injustice, oppression and trauma.

Join us to support pathways to hope, healing and health in your community.

Who we are

We are a movement of organizations that recognize harm reduction as a vital part of a comprehensive, compassionate and collaborative public health approach to drug use.

We understand that drug use is part of our world and choose to support strategies that keep people in our communities alive and safer. We work across Oregon to reduce overdose, save lives and support safer communities. We provide guidance and supplies to organizations and tribal communities, partnering with you to support your existing harm reduction efforts or help you get started with this work.

50% down

Harm reduction programs are proven to reduce HIV and HCV infection rates by 50%.

People who use syringe service programs are 3 times more likely to stop using drugs.

83% up

When bystanders are trained to administer naloxone for opioid overdoses, survival rates increase to 83% or more.

"Harm reduction work is about showing people that we love you, you matter. And giving them the resources they need to survive another day."

The Miracles Club

Our impact

More than 200 organizations across the state and tribal communities have partnered with Save Lives Oregon.

More than 5,000 opioid overdose reversals reported by Save Lives Oregon partners since 2020.

Save Lives Oregon distributed 195K+ naloxone doses to partners through the Harm Reduction Clearinghouse in 2022.

Our leadership team

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How we support you

As a Save Lives Oregon partner, you have access to harm reduction resources and supplies proven to benefit individuals and communities. The following resources are available to partner organizations at no cost. Whether you are new to harm reduction or want to grow your existing offerings, we are here to help.

A purple case with an orange cross depicting a life-saving naloxone or wound care kit.

Harm Reduction Clearinghouse

Receive supplies such as life-saving naloxone and wound care kits at no cost through the Harm Reduction Clearinghouse.

Technical Assistance

Connect with personalized guidance and support from our team so you can build and grow your harm reduction program.

A clipboard with papers, a checkmark, and speech bubbles with ellipses.
A laptop with papers and a speech bubble with ellipses.

Communications Toolkit

Access useful tools for communicating about harm reduction and cultivating support within your organization and community.

Learn more about our work and how we support you.