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The Harm Reduction Clearinghouse provides supplies such as life-saving naloxone and wound care kits to organizations that qualify, at no cost.

Learn if your organization is eligible and start your application today.

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How to apply

Step 1: Find out if your organization is eligible

To qualify for no-cost supplies through the Harm Reduction Clearinghouse, your organization must fall into one of the following categories:

Category 1:

Your organization must directly serve people who use drugs in Oregon and be one of the following types of organizations:

  • Community-based organizations with 501(c)(3) status or 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship
  • Harm reduction and syringe service programs within community health clinics, federally qualified health centers or local public health authorities
  • Jails providing release packets that include naloxone and/or other harm reduction supplies to people who may be at risk of overdose when they are released
  • Uniformed first responder agencies implementing ‘Leave Behind’ naloxone distribution programs
  • Tribal community and health care programs that serve people who use drugs
  • Withdrawal management or residential substance use disorder treatment programs for clients that leave AMA or are turned away

Category 2:

Step 2: Apply

  • Category 1 organizations should fill out and submit this application. We will review your application and determine if your organization qualifies.


  • Category 2 schools, colleges, universities and SBHCs should read important information here before filling out an application here

Step 3: Order Supplies

If you are approved for the Harm Reduction Clearinghouse, we’ll connect with you about next steps.

Step 4: Receive supplies and support

Along with your life-saving supplies, you will also receive technical assistance to help you grow your harm reduction program and get the supplies to the people who need them most. We’ll provide educational materials, outreach materials and personalized assistance for your organization or tribal community.

Step 5 : Distribute supplies and receive continued support

Now you can get started sharing the supplies with the people who need them in your community. As you deliver these resources to your community, we’ll stay connected with you and continue to provide guidance and support.

“The more openly we talk about substance use the less stigma there is. And the more we destigmatize substance use disorder, harm reduction tools, and the treatment process, the more people we can help.”

Clatsop County Sheriff's Office

Support the health and dignity of people who use drugs. Apply for life-saving supplies today.